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Endodontic Root Canal Therapy

When an infection moves deep into the inner area of a tooth, specialized dental services are needed to minimize the risk of extraction. Even though it’s necessary to remove the soft tissue within the tooth, the fully developed tooth can survive since it continues receiving nourishment from the surrounding tissues.

During this endodontic therapy treatment, the dentist drills into the tooth to remove the infected or inflamed pulp in the center of the tooth. Next, the open space is disinfected and cleaned, then a sealing is placed with a durable filling to protect the remaining structure of the tooth. It’s common to finish this treatment with a crown.

Don’t stress if a dentist has recommended a root canal treatment. This service is completed millions of times each year, offering an effective solution to alleviate pain and improve dental health.

Endodontic Root Canal Therapy in Wilmette, IL

Modern Root Canal Treatment

Modern dental technology makes root canals and endodontics as simple as a regular filling, with in-depth treatment to clean out the infected area and prevent reinfection of the tooth in the future.

Typically, this treatment can be completed in 1 – 2 appointments. This process is relatively painless and extremely effective.

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